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  • Nitin says:

    I can say from my personal experience that Imperia Structures is a real estate company that one can actually trust. I had heard a lot of depressing stories from my relatives and family friends as to how they invested their hard-earned money in buying the house of their dreams or in a commercial space but the realtor did not offer them service as promised initially. Such incidents made me extra curious when I was looking for office space in NCR. I am glad that I chose Imperia for it. Today I own a modern, fully-furnished office with technologically advanced facilities and zero parking issues, that too in the best location of India. I can’t thank Imperia Structures enough for it!

  • Pradeep Kumar Jha says:

    I had bought a 1435 sqft 2bhk house in the Esfera by Imperia Structures in 2015 and was promised possession by May 2017 in tower F, I have been trying to reach the sales representative but his number comes as “the mobile number is not available” for last 1 month. Does anyone have any idea what’s the status ? Will we get possession of our house? It’s very frustrating to not know the status of one’s investment.

    Please help, I am a 70 year old retired government official living in Ranchi and I bought this property for my 14 year old grandson, as I have lost my son and daughter-in-law in an accident in 2012.

    • Hanan Hashmi says:

      Sir I have also bought a similar property in tower G .In my last conversation with the customer care executive I was told the project is on its completion and will be delivered by August 2017

    • Deepika Rana says:

      These guys are bloody crooks they don’t answer calls.

      • Praveen says:

        I visited the the Esfera site today and was relieved to see that tower F is almost complete.
        The good news is that on inquiring with the staff at the site I was told the house will be offered for possession by August end…

        Finally what a relief!

      • Manish says:

        Hi I think you can call Mr.Shekhar on +91 8586982655 he takes calls and is now handling the customer care for the F,G,H towers of Esfera project by Imperia. Thankfully I bought unit through him and he has been kind enough to keep me updated.

  • Nishant says:

    If you need an office space that fits perfectly in your budget, you better call Imperia Structures than Saul. They have helped me so much to establish a retail business that I couldn’t in my wildest dream imagine would become so big. Their sales team is really polite and they will not bother you like the typical salesmen do. Props to them!

    • Jaunty singh says:

      Yeah exactly! Me too pleased with their assistance while purchasing a 1 bhk flat greater noida(studio appt.). This location is really great, am very happy and also was in my budget.
      Thank you imperia.

  • Sayad Hasan says:

    Hi guys I live in Patna and recently visited the Imperia Structures office. They were kind enough to take me on a site visit.
    Good news for all of us. The F,G and H towers are almost ready and I have been told Imperia will start the offer for possession by September 2017.
    Better late than never.

  • Praveen says:

    I am quite surprised to read these reviews. I haven’t had an easy ride with
    Imperia Structures. I would Review Imperia Structures 1.5/5. My
    father-in-law has had a terrible experience with them. He paid an advance of
    INR 227717/- for a 3 BHK flat in Tower H of Esferia. They promised
    possession by March 2017, but 3 months later, there’s still no word from
    them. The numbers on their brochures are inaccessible most of the time and
    reps are rude and ignorant.

    I’ll keep an eye on this forum, just in case there’s an update.

    • Anil says:

      Hi Praveen I have had a pleasant Experience with Imperia Structures so far. My experience as an investor

      has been through my dad, we booked our 1st flat on Sohana road with another builder in june 2014 and the

      second one with Imperia Structures in Dec 2014. At that time both the projects were at the same stage of construction

      but fortunately in my last visit to both the projects, the Project on Sohna road is no were near completion

      but Esfera is almost ready and the executive at the site assured me that I would have the possession of my

      flat before Diwali this year.

      I am quite surprised to hear that the team has been rude with you. In that you should talk to Mr. Shekhar, Sunil Anand or Mr. Brajesh

      at Imperia Structures. They are the best people to sort out your queries. Hope this helps Praveen.

    • Ruchi says:

      Those you are writing in favor of Imperia, actually they are the employees of Imperia structures . Nishant, Manish and anil all are employees. They know only one thing i.e to extract money from innocent customers. Dont believe them….

  • Anjali Arora says:

    I have also booked two units in KP – V greater Noida project. They have paying assured returns on timely basis . I have a good experience with Imperia till now.

  • Pankaj says:

    Any one have any idea about when the imperia esfara would be delivered ?

    • Vipin Kumar says:

      Hi Pankaj,

      I had visited on Esfera site in last week of May . Due to RERA Hope they will manage to deliver before Diwali this year . if you need latest photograph Please whatapp me on 9818152123

  • Neha says:

    Consultants at Imperia Structures are really helpful. I am actually looking for a commercial space for my startup. I have shortlisted a few and in the process happened to have a chat with an Imperia property consultant. I felt by far he was the only sales rep whose promises really made sense to me. He infact showed me properties that featured everything he was talking about. I am still yet to take a decision but I couldn’t stop myself from writing this and appreciating this person I met at Imperia.

  • Sweta says:

    I remember how my father used to praise Imperia saying that it is the most trustworthy real estate builder ever. Now that I myself own a house constructed by Imperia Structures I can totally relate to how he felt back then. Imperia gave what it promised be it sturdy constructed, ample space, good quality fittings and best rate.

  • Ashish says:

    Had a nice experience of buying a house at one of the residential towers constructed by Imperia Structures. It is a kind of apartment that I and my wife were looking for. We actually wanted a fully-furnished space because our jobs don’t really allow us the time to spend on setting a house ourselves. Plus we were a bit specific on the location and the budget. This house fit the bill really well. Also, there was no fuss on the payment or possession part. Everything was planned and done exactly as per the promises.

  • Bhaskar says:

    I review Imperia Structures Ltd to be one of the most buyer friendly real estate companies in Delhi. Yes it is rare and unbelievable. I have bought almost 4 properties in NCR from different companies and I will definitely share an honest feedback.

    Number one. They don’t over commit. You will get your apartment on the date specified. Doomsday!

    Number two. The cost is worth the quality of structures.You would definitely recommend and reconsider buying your house in a strong building.Dumdaar imperia!

    Number three.The buildings are well planned. From fenestration to green area and vaastu, their structures are sorted.

    But lastly guys, I have a complaint for Imperia Structures Limited… The chai served was too sweet! And that happened thrice!

  • Monika says:

    Hi, my uncle told me about Imperia structure’s impressive projects that he saw on the website. Our family business is small and has just started. We’re looking for large office space, preferably 350 square feet. After reading all the comments, I think it will be better for me to consider a space in Imperia Structures. B-60 in Okhla phase- 1 looks like a good candidate. If anyone of you has invested in an office space with Imperia Structures, please let me know. I need to make plans by the end of this year.

  • Aish says:

    Been 3 years since I moved to an apartment I bought from Imperia. They have designed the apartment thoughtfully. Space is aptly utilized and the house stays quite ventilated as well. Price wise it was also affordable to me. So far so good

  • Nishta says:

    My family had faced some issues at our previous residence because it turned out that the neighbours were too aggressive and used to deliberately annoy us on little issues like parking. When we decided to switch and got in touch with Imperia, I made it clear that I would want details about every family living in the building. The consultant was not apprehensive at all and promised to clear all my doubts. And he actually did. He made me and my wife talk to a couple of families staying in the same tower where we had chosen an apartment. Really appreciate his efforts.

  • Subham Sharma says:

    I really appreciate Imperia Structures for being different in the mad crowd of real estate developers out there. I feel they actually understand the need of their clients too well and design structures accordingly. And most important, they are honest and stay true to their words. Not even once in the entire process of buying property from them did I feel that transparency or communication was being compromised. Worth trusting for sure!

  • samya says:

    Guys just quick reminder, before you plan to buy a house, make sure the credit score is good. Make sure you don’t have any pending loans or it will be prove to be a problem later. Property proivded by Imperia structures is very affordable. Still, you should make sure you can afford it and you’re making strong savings. I read online that you should look properly take tour of house before buying. It is common sense to do but many people just take small tour and decide rashly. Don’t do it too fast.. do it slow everyone .

  • tulika says:

    Imperia Structures can be counted among the top 10 companies that are well-sorted in the real estate world. I don’t know what the whole commotion is about in various forums! This sucks for hard working people.

  • Neha Sharma says:

    Guys just quick reminder, before you plan to buy a house, make sure the credit score is good. Make sure you don’t have any pending loans or it will be prove to be a problem later. Property proivded by Imperia structures is very affordable. Still, you should make sure you can afford it and you’re making strong savings. I read online that you should look properly take tour of house before buying. It is common sense to do but many people just take small tour and decide rashly. Don’t do it too fast.. do it slow everyone .

  • swati says:

    It was recently all over the news that how the ceiling of a poorly constructed apartment broke and literally fell down on the flat owner’s bed. It was actually shocking!! Tells you a lot about the carelessness of builders these days. That is a major reason why I trust Imperia Structures. I have been their customer since the past 10 years now and I am confident about the quality they deliver. No hoaxes for sure!

  • Pradeep Kaushik says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Pradeep Kaushik. Imperia structures is really good at customer service because they gives replies soon. I hate the Indian realty world since they treat their customers like dust and don’t listen to you. You call them 1000 times and they pick up once. Even on that call, they avoid talking about the question you ask them. Luckily Imperia does not play games.

  • Eshan Singhal says:


    I have planning to invest Gr. Noida , Friends Help me in finding the reviews about imperia,I am planning to go live for their H2o upcoming project in noida extension ,In which they are promising to give 14 % asssured returns every month,I am not sure ,Shall i go with this group or not,But if any one have bad or good experience ,Kindly ping here and give me a kind minute to guide me to the right way.

    Thanks ALL .

  • Surbhi says:

    Let me tell you of the office I bought at Okhla B-61. The office looks really spacious, despite the fact that the area we signed for was smaller. The office is well-built and sturdy, you might think as a result of its strong structure, it might look ugly, but that is not the case. This office is really beautiful and organized. The tiles are symmetrical and the decorations are beautiful. I would give this office a rating of 8 out of 10. The only problem here is price. Although I feel the price is apt for the property and services Imperia are providing, the price could have been slightly lower.

  • There is a lot of commotion in the Indian property market regarding the offices offered by Imperia Structures. I’ve heard that the offices are beautiful inside and outside and that they’re durable. I need to enquire about such offices. I will visit the Imperia Structures company first and then a few more to compare. I need to know what the current market prices are. Please help me everyone. How much does an office of area 4000 square feet cost? I know the size is big, but that’s what I need for the setup. Where can I get it easily?

  • Ravi says:

    I wouldn’t advise getting residential real estate from Imperia Structures. However, they are the best for office space. I remember my friend who owns a software development firm, he told me that buying office space from Imperia Structures is hassle-free. They have a dedicated team for every case and I think it makes processes easy. My friend did not have to wait long.

  • Suresh says:

    I’d like to thank Imperia Structures for all the help they have provided me in choosing the right office space I needed for my small business. I currently have booked an office at H2O office complex and it is huge for a low price. You can look in their website for perfect office projects. They also have some more exciting residential projects coming up, one of which is modeled after luxury liners.

  • Sharmistha says:

    I liked visiting the structures in Imperia. The buildings were well built and the interiors are done by reputed architects. Overall, the apartments looked spacious and it was affordable as compared to the market prices.

  • Varun Singh says:

    Imperia Structures is good real estate company and their Customer Relation Team is too good because as i have experienced they are working with the customer Centric approach. i will recommend to others too if they are planning to buy property in Delhi NCR.

  • Neeraj Sharma says:

    Imperia Structures help me to find a fancy and marvelous office space in Okhla, South Delhi, one of my friend recommend and tell me about the company and i have found the same which i had listen about the company. Great going Imperia Structures.

  • Nishtha says:

    This is good company. I got a good deal with them. They provide nice spaces even though I think price is a bit more. But I got a decent space from Imperia Structures.

  • Rupesh Singh says:

    I’am a one of the satisfied customer of Imperia Structures, i have purchased office space from them before 3 years, and Imperia Structures had provided full support after sell their property. I would give my office a rating of 9 out of 10.

  • Pawan Bhardwaj says:

    I would like to give reviews to Imperia Structure Ltd 9 out of 10 (9/10). I have bought two properties from Imperia Structures since last 2 years and both the properties are worth the money invested. I think the locations of the projects is just great and basic facilities are present in the each house.

  • Ridhi Jha says:

    I wanted an office space for setting up my own office last year. I got quite a lot deals from many agents but I selected Imperia Structures over them. The reason for selecting Imperia is they don’t make you wait for this process that process. They are straight forward and that’s the best thing about them.

  • Naman Aggrawal says:

    Imperia Structures provide good properties under a decent budget. I was really struggling to get a property in Delhi NCR from 3 months because of my low budget. But Imperia Structures helped me and got me a decent property inside the budget I had. It is 3 BHK and beautiful. I am very happy with the house.

  • Abhay Singh says:

    Thanks to Imperia Structures that I got a good house which I like very much. Buying a house can be possibly a life time activity. It’s not like buying a dress which you can replace if you don’t like. So, it becomes important to choose a house which satisfies you. This is why it took me almost 4 months to choose a suitable house for me.

  • Vipin Kumar says:

    i would like to give 5 star reviews to Imperia Structures. i have purchased a office space from Imperia Structures before 2 year. i am very satisfied with the services of the company, if you want to invest your money and want good returns out of it i would suggest that you can invest without any fear. Trusted company.

  • Surendra Singh says:

    A lot of people worried about Imperia Structures is a not good company. But I say they are good company because I buy very good office from them. They are give very good deals and they do paperwork them only.

  • Sandeep Singh says:

    I have purchased property from many agents in the past but no one can match Imperia Structures. They don’t promise things which are not possible and whatever they promise they deliver on time. I recently had a good little deal with them. They really satisfied me as a customer.

  • Bhupenra Chaudhary says:

    Can you please tell me when Mirage project will be completed? It still look under construction. I am very interested in it.

    • Akash says:

      Hi Bhupen,
      I too have visited their Mirage project site n came to know that they will complete the phase 1 project by 2021.

  • RamaDevi says:

    Hi All,

    Any idea about what is the status of ESfera project?
    When they are going to deliver the project?
    I have purchased the flat in 2012 , but still waiting for positions.
    My suggestion to everyone don’t spend money in Imperia because nobody no when they are going to deliver the project.
    One middle class family how they pursue the flat they don’t know because they want only money.

  • Anas says:

    I’am a one of the satisfied customer of Imperia Structures, i have purchased office space from them before 3 years, and Imperia Structures had provided full support after sell their property. I would give my office a rating of 9 out of 10.

  • Harinder Pal singh says:

    I would like to thank Imperia for giving us good neighborhood and fantastic support staff in Imperia Esfera …

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